About Us

Nine Lives Press is a publishing house dedicated to the promotion of modern classics, contemporary high-end fiction, avant-garde pieces, and literary treasures from across the world, freshly translated into Hebrew.

Our craft is that of discovery. We hunt for works whose reading may provide literary solace, and focus on texts which share a mechanism of imagination, play, language, and invention. With this structure in mind, we engage with books that float across eras, rhythms, cultures, and themes.

A catalogue is the publisher’s curatorial aesthetic statement. He or she collects a group of texts, especially dear to their heart, and wishes that others too will collect them with the same wild, restless urge. The collection takes the form of a literary scaffold – vertically piled and added, wobbly yet stable.
At Nine Lives Press we aim to create a catalogue characterized by radical eclecticism, collectable and cherishable material, uniquely designed for our readers.

Our Catalog

Esther Orner
Lady Provincial a of Diary
.M.E ,Delafield
isha bayam
Alexandros Papadiamantis
Forgotten Dreams
Stefan Zweig
Traces In The Sand
Antoine De Rivarol, Remy de Gourmont
moi Laissez
Marcelle Sauvageot
Mothers With Strollers
Tamar Sandler Goren
a little dinner at timin's
William Makepeace Thackeray
Strange Life Of Ivan Osokin
Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii
The Good Bit
Gideon Stossel
Melancoly Is Lethal
Oded Wolkstein
Fierce Attachments
Vivian Gornick
Un Sens à La Vie
antoine de saint-exupéry
Viper In Midair
גיא קוטב
A Madman's Diary
Lǔ Xùn
first heat wave
Dory Manor
A Collection Of Sea Stories & One River
London, Jack; Stevenson, Robert Louis; Lovecraft, H. P.; Churchill, Winston; Hodgson, William Hope; Melville, Herman; Guimarães Rosa, João
A Girl Soldier
פאולינה טוכשניידר
עמרי חורש
Tango Of Death
Yuri Vynnychuk
Spring Offensive
Herbert Clyde Lewis
The buried candelabrum
Stefan Zweig
Un Volo Magico
Giovanna Giordano
On The Stream
Joris-Karl Huysmans
L'assassinio di via Belpoggio
Italo Svevo
George Silverman's Explanation
Charles Dickens
Herbaceous Old
Reginald Arkel
The Illiterate
Ágota Kristóf
Land. Milk. Honey.
Land. Milk. Honey.
Roman Aizenberg
Yuri Andrukhovych
Mordechai Bar-On
Eros and Melancholy
Yoav Rinon
Letter from an Unknown Woman
Stefan Zweig
Make a Place
Uriel Kon
The Little Virtues
Natalia Ginzburg
My Face for the World to See
Alfred Hayes
Claire Keegan
A Man in the Zoo
David Garnett
English Quartet
Thomas Wolfe, Christopher Morley, Jack London, H.G. Wells
French Quintet
Marcel Proust, Honoré de Balzac, Anatole France, Émile Zola, Jules Verne
The Island
Giani Stuparich
Joseph Roth
Alexandros Papadiamantis
The Diary of a Man of Fifty
Henry James
Doctor Marigold
Charles Dickens
The Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl
Italo Svevo
24 Hours in the Life of a Woman
Stefan Zweig
Scenes of Barcelona
Mercè Rodoreda
Forever this Way
Yona Alon
The Colour of Milk
Nell Leyshon
To Build a Fire
Jack London
The Name of the Game Is Death
Dan J. Marlowe
Journey into the Past
Stefan Zweig
Haircut & Other Adventures
Ring Lardner
Lady into Fox
David Garnett
E. De Queiros, A. Patricio, F. Pessoa
Stefan Zweig
Ojos de Agua
Domingo Villar
The Gold from Cajamarca
Jakob Wassermann
No Door
Thomas Wolfe
Mircea Cartarescu
Weirds 1
A to Z
The Star Over the Forest
Stefan Zweig, Annemarie Schwartzenbach
The Sundays of Jean Dézert
Jean de la Ville de Mirmont
Christopher Morley
In Love
Alfred Hayes
Radio Benjamin
Walter Benjamin
Stefan Zweig
The Eyes of My Brother, Forever
Stefan Zweig

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