About Us

Nine Lives Press is a publishing house dedicated to the promotion of modern classics, contemporary high-end fiction, avant-garde pieces, and literary treasures from across the world, freshly translated into Hebrew.

Our craft is that of discovery. We hunt for works whose reading may provide literary solace, and focus on texts which share a mechanism of imagination, play, language, and invention. With this structure in mind, we engage with books that float across eras, rhythms, cultures, and themes.

A catalogue is the publisher’s curatorial aesthetic statement. He or she collects a group of texts, especially dear to their heart, and wishes that others too will collect them with the same wild, restless urge. The collection takes the form of a literary scaffold – vertically piled and added, wobbly yet stable.
At Nine Lives Press we aim to create a catalogue characterized by radical eclecticism, collectable and cherishable material, uniquely designed for our readers.

Our Catalog

Traces In The Sand
Antoine De Rivarol, Remy de Gourmont
the day my poems speak
Yona Alon
Antón Chéjov
Natalia Ginzburg
Eternal Fascism
Umberto Eco
Flaubert, Uzanne, Manguel
Love, Wander, Sail
Woolf, Maupassant, Benjamin, Stevenson, Thoureau, Cadogan
Think, Be Lazy, Travel
Charles Dickens, William Hazlitt, Robert Louis Stevenson, Louis Carroll

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