Cucho Cuño

Cucho Cuño

Cucho Cuño | Argentina

Cucho Cuño was born at 1972 in Argentina .

He is a children's author, trained in literacy workshops specialized in children and youth literacy, with 40 books published in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Mexico, other countries.

His books were selected by libraries and provincial governments from Argentina and Chile to build the path of the primary school educational flow.

Since 2011 he  participated in the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, in book presentations, activities and conferences.

Cucho Cuño also took part in working together with "Fundación Leer" generating educational resources for children all over the country, in person, on trips and on digital platforms. He contributes with his work to the Library of Congress of the Argentine Nation.

He was an took part with the social and emotional development programs for children, parents and teachers, in Mexico City, developing books, puppets and teaching materials.

Among his publications are:

*The saga of El Caballero de la Mancha (The Knigth of La Mancha), a comicbook adaptation of the classic of world literature Don Quixote, together with the playwright and screenwriter María Inés Falconi; (The man who bought a Planet), by Diego Muzzio, and Desplumado (Plucked), together with Ricardo Mariño.

*( As a full author) ¡Podría ser Peor, Pichón! (Could be worse, Pigeon!), Pasapalarbas and Gato Pato (CatDuck), chosen as recommended by the Cuatro Gatos Foundation (U.S.) in 2015.

He studied animation and graphic humour, and worked since 1994 in various advertising and generations agencies for national and international brands.


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